YMCKO3 Ribbon - PR5350/PR5360LE/PR-C151

SKU: 440-0003

YMCKO3 Colour Ribbon 3BP (250 Images) - PR5350/PR5360LE/PR-C151

Printer specific ribbons are incredibly common for high-end printer brands like Matica or Nisca. If you need a refill for your PR5350, PR5360LE, or PR-C151 printers, this YMCKO3 ribbon is the one you need. Use it for single sided full color images as well as barcode and text printing. You even get an additional protective layer printing capability with the overlay panel.

This is a genuine YMCKO3 ribbon from Nisca that comes with a yellow, magenta, cyan, black (K), and laminating (O) panel. Use it to print everything from ID badges and loyalty cards to security and student IDs.

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