YMCKO2 Ribbon - PR5100/PR5200/PR5300/PR5310

SKU: 440-0004

YMCKO2 Colour Ribbon (250 Images) - PR5100/PR5200/PR5300/PR5310

This Nisca YMCKO2 ribbon provides the three basic panels for full color printing — as well as a black resin panel and an “O” panel for an ultra-thin clear protective lamination. Enjoy top quality yellow (Y), cyan (C), magenta (M), and black (K) for a comprehensive spectrum of color ID cards. Combining these colors at varying degrees of heat allows you to print images, barcodes, and text for badges, ID cards, loyalty cards, and more.

Choosing Nisca Quality

If you have a Nisca printer and you’re looking to maximize the life of your hardware and the quality of your printed ID cards, choosing Nisca ribbons is key. Nisca ribbons are printer specific and using them in tandem with your printer will ensure it lives up to its full potential.

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