YMCKO Ribbon - PR-C101

SKU: 440-0001

YMCKO Colour Ribbon (250 Images) - PR-C101

If you have a Nisca PR-C101 ID card printer, you need a genuine Nisca YMCKO ribbon to refill it. When you run out, stock up on four color ribbons here for a product that can print up to 250 single sided full color cards in each roll.

Combine the color panels at varying degrees to get crystal clear, full spectrum colors for images and pictures. You can also print pristine barcodes and text with the black (K) resin panel, and apply a protective clear coating with the overcoat (O) panel.

Many printers require specific ribbons to prolong their lifespan and ensure top quality printing every time. Guarantee the right ribbon for your printer when you shop at OmniCard today.

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