Green Ribbon - Rio/Tango

SKU: 425-0018

Green Resin Ribbon (1000 Images) - Rio/Tango

Shop Ribbon for the XID 8100 ID Card Printer

This four color YMCK ribbon offers the best solution for organizations who need to restock their XID 8100 ID card printer. The printer and ribbon both come from Matica and offer top quality print work for security badges, loyalty cards, student IDs, work ID cards, and much more. Print full color images, text, and barcodes with yellow, magenta, cyan, and black resin panels.

One ribbon for the XID 8100 card printer can print up to 1,000 single sided cards. This ribbon is usable only with retransfer printers and the retransfer film is required for the printing process.

Matica Ribbons and Printers

At OmniCard, we strive to bring you a selection of hardware, software, and accessories that uphold our high standards. We chose Matica because they focus on maximizing the life of their products to ensure you get the most out of your printers and ribbons. Shop our products today for more from the top companies in the industry.

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