YMCFK Ribbon - PR-C201

SKU: 440-0011

YMCFK UV Colour Re-Transfer Ribbon (410 Images) - PR-C201

When you need the best in genuine supplies for NiSCA PR-C201 printers, rely on OmniCard. We offer great deals on YMCFK ribbons and more so you can always get the best performance from your printer. Our ribbons ensure the best quality printing for up to 410 images; so you’ll get premium ID badges and more for a variety of uses.

Solutions for Security Sensitive Uses

With a YMCFK ribbon you get a full spectrum of colors--yellow, magenta, and cyan panels combine using varying degrees of heat for accurate, full-color images on every card. There is also a black resin panel for printing text and barcodes on ID cards. These ribbons stand out though because of the inclusion of a fluorescent panel so you can print grayscale text or images only visible by ultraviolet light, making it an ideal solution for security sensitive applications.

Find these great retransfer ribbons and more in our inventory. Speak with our team today to find the right solution for your ID card needs.

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