SKU: 230-0009

XID8600 Dual Sided Re-Transfer Card Printer (USB/Ethernet)

The Matica XID 8600 at OmniCard

The Matica EDIsecure XID 8600 ID card printer is the top printer in the EDIsecure XID 8XXX series. With the same accessories and supplies as the XID 8300 & XID 9300 printers, it also makes restocking labels, ribbons, cards, and cleaning supplies for card printing easier than ever. Use the accompanying USB/ethernet interface to create new cards for your team any time.

Matica Printer Features

A premium quality micro printer, the Matica EDIsecure XID 8600 ID card printer is ideal for demanding ID card creation systems. Some of its most attractive features include:

  • Producing 120 Single-Sided Cards Per Hour
  • Double Sided Card Producing Configuration Optional
  • Ultra High 600 DPI (Dots per Inch) Resolution
  • Printing Readable Microprinted Characters Down to 1.3 PT

With such outstanding image quality, you can print cards with complex images and graphics that meet the highest security standards. This model is the perfect choice for corporate, financial, and government applications.

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