£1,475.00 - £1,945.00

Re-Transfer Card Printer (USB/Ethernet)

If you need a reliable entry-level printer to handle the regular day-to-day printing demands of your business, OmniCard has the solution: the Matica XID8100. This re-transfer printer offers photo quality printing and premium color quality so you can make ID badges without graphic limitations. With the ability to print up to 100 cards per hour at 300 DPI, this printer can handle a variety of card needs without the cost.

Equipment to Fit the Needs of Your Business

Matica’s XID8100 printer is ideal for businesses just starting to take on their own printing. It offers an array of options with additional modules and technology, so you can easily upgrade to accommodate the growing needs of your business. This printer also comes with a lifetime warranty for the print head so you can rely on it no matter what applications you have in mind.

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