Visitor Management System Solutions

Work with OmniCard as your visitor systems expert. We provide a complete and customised approach to secure ID creation for your organisation. Find the hardware and software you need to for a comprehensive system, and the people to help you put it into operation here.

Diverse Visitor Management System

Select a visitor management system that is as complex or simple as you need. Some of the most frequently-used solutions by our clients include:

  • Ability to pre-register visitors
  • Various visitor badge sizes
  • Visitor check-in and check-out
  • Intuitive badge designer
  • Assorted visitor reports

A Multitude of Options

Once we learn a bit about your needs of your visitor management system, we provide customisation down to the smallest detail.

Our visitor check-in and check-out solutions include options like:

  • Check-in & out with a barcode
  • Check-in & out with a fingerprint
  • Check-in & out with a scanner

Additional solutions you will enjoy include the following:

  • Visitor history, including old photos
  • Creating visitor events and groups
  • Categorisation of your visitor types
  • Ability to set check-in and check-out policies

There are many other options to explore when you call OmniCard or contact us online.

Find Out More Today

By filling out our online form or contacting OmniCard at +44 (0)208 089 4980, you take the first step in gaining further industry authority in visitor management systems. In addition to the above features and solutions, we go far beyond what you may expect from an ID card company. OmniCard can explore wide-ranging options with you, that can even include 3rd party criminal checks of your visitors.

Call us at +44 (0)208 089 4980 or fill out our online form to learn more about what OmniCard can do for you!

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