SLE5528 Contact Chip Card - White

SKU: 300-0019

SLE5528 Contact Chip PVC Card - White (Pack of 100)

Durable ID cards play a vital role in the security of all operations. At OmniCard you can find a low-cost way to keep your facility secure with our SLE5528 contact chip smartcards. These cards feature 1 Kbyte of protected storage space with built-in verification safeguards that block attempts to use it after eight successive incorrect entries. This not only gives you a sense of security, but your employees too in case their ID is misplaced or stolen.

Cards for a Variety of Applications

You’ll be able to use the SLE5528 smartcard for a variety of applications including access control, monitoring staff attendance and movement, payment for services, and more. Cards can also be easily used with our ID badge printers for custom identification purposes. With a slim size and data retention of up to 10 years, these cards are an ultra convenient solution.

Stock up on these important cards and more with OmniCard. Our unbeatable pricing and helpful team members can help you get any security supplies you need without the hassle. Contact our team today and get started.

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