RFID Wristbands

Identifying personnel is easy with RFID wristbands. These wearable solutions can replace bulky ID badges and tags that may be misplaced or lost. OmniCard can implement these hands-free IDs without the need for hiring outside IT support, either by replacing or supplementing existing security systems. Thanks to our in-house approach, you'll be advised on which type of wristband is most suitable to your environment.

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Wristbands to Meet Any Application

We can help implement RFID wristbands in a variety of ways for your organisation. They are ideal for providing physical access to restricted areas. They can also provide logical access, access to other applications like lockers or they can provide a cashless way to handle transactions.

Durable wristbands are just one of the popular options we have provided for customers including:

  • Healthcare
  • Sports & Gyms
  • Wellness & Recreation
  • Catering industry

Upfront Pricing to Simplify Projects

OmniCard has provided easy to manage security solutions to organisations of all sizes for more than 20 years. Thanks to our experience and range of services, you can take care of all your security needs from a single vendor. We specialise in a “One Card, One Price” philosophy. Upfront pricing includes the purchase of products, printing, and encoding to ensure you get everything you need for a simple price tailored to your needs.

At OmniCard, we can customise wristbands for you regardless of company size or application. Each is professionally made and guaranteed completely secure for use.

Reach Out to Our Team

Implementing ID badge wristbands in your organisation is easy with OmniCard. We offer streamlined services you can depend on. Contact our team today at +44 (0)208 089 4980 and let us design a solution to fit your security needs.


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