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OmniCard is a leading developer of Card Management software solutions with over 15 years’ experience developing solutions for the education, government & healthcare markets. A key CardExchange Solutions partner, OmniCard is a leading integrator of the CardExchange Card Production and Visitor Management Software trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.

The softwares we currently offer are:

  • CardExchange® PriceTag Labelling Software
  • CardExchange® Producer ID Card Software
  • CardExchange® Visitor Management Software

CardExchange® PriceTag

Creating food labels can be time consuming and the results can be unappealing. Handwritten, laminated paper labels often peel apart, stain or discolor - their fibers can even contaminate food products. Don’t waste time handwriting labels when you can automate with more effective results. Now there is an easier way; CardExchange® PriceTag is a seamless system for printing a professional, hygienic and durable price tag in quick and easy steps. 

CardExchange® Producer

CardExchange Producer is a simple-to-use, yet powerful, ID card software. You can print and encode cards, connect to databases, capture photos, scan signatures and even connect to biometric and ID scanners. With 5 different editions we have a product to suit every application and budget.

CardExchange® Visitor

CardExchange Visitor allows you to quickly and easily manage your visitors and contractors. It features a host of time saving options including pre-registration, self-service check-in and registration via ID document. Photos and signatures can be captured and printed on the badge to any printer. Visitor screening options and reporting. Fully GDPR compliant.

Consult with an Identity Management Software Specialist

If your company is looking for a custom solution for ID cards, access control badges, and more, contact us on +44 (0)208 089 4980 and our experts will help design an ID card system with all the features you need for the right price.

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