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Document and Passport Scanners

If you need to expedite transactions at your business – or just improve data integrity – OmniCard can help. We offer ID document scanners at amazingly affordable prices. These convenient devices can easily be integrated into existing systems or included as a new system build. All hardware and software we sell are backed by professional, in-house support staff. Get the equipment you need from a single vendor by relying on OmniCard today.

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Solutions for Every Application and Budget

We’ve used our exclusive focus for more than 20 years to help a variety of customers with infrastructure needs. Our goal is to be “the place” for security solutions by offering professional equipment, software, and technical support to fit any application or budget. Whether you need a single passport scanner or something more complex like a visitor management interface, we have a custom solution.

Easy, User-Friendly Devices

OmniCard concentrates on providing easy-to-use technology that can be used without previous technical experience. The document and passport scanners we offer are a great example. They have been used by thousands of clients to extract data from IDs with precision and eliminate errors occurring from manual data entry.

Every device we offer is from an industry leader and designed to last. No matter what application or system you have in mind, we can help you find a scanner to match.

Call Today for Information

Discover how working with OmniCard can get you the solution you need for a great price. Reach out to us today at +44 (0)208 089 4980. Our team can put together a demo to illustrate how a custom solution can streamline your operation.


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