ID Card Cameras

Creating in-house credentials for employees can save a lot of money. You need top-quality equipment to get the best results for your ID needs. OmniCard can help with a range of professional hardware and software to meet any application or budget requirements. Having the right ID card camera can streamline badge making operations. Whether you need a simple camera or something more professional grade, you’ll find it at an amazingly affordable price when you browse our inventory.

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Total Package Security Solutions

For more than 20 years we have been “the place to be” for ID related solutions. We have an industry-leading focus for providing the most reliable hardware and encrypted software in a total package experience. Our solutions are designed to provide total access control for cameras and other devices. Each solution is designed for your application and budget with user-friendly integration that is simple to use regardless of technical backgrounds or knowledge.

Professional Equipment Backed by Experienced Staff

Everything we offer is backed by experienced in-house IT staff, reducing the need to hire outside maintenance contractors. Our focus is on giving customers a complete security experience from a single vendor.

The OmniCard approach has helped thousands around the world with their security and infrastructure needs. We’ve serviced all types of clients, including elite companies, international airports, and large universities.

Our wholesale line-up of ID card cameras makes it easy to add photos to personnel credentials. No matter what kind of system you have, our staff can seamlessly integrate any camera option we offer.

See Our Solutions in Action

Capturing photos for your badges is easy with our professional cameras. See for yourself the difference we can make for your business with a demo. Call to schedule your demo at +44 (0)208 089 4980 today.


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