NiSCAPrint Hologram Thinfilm Overlay - PR5302/L151

SKU: 441-0003

Generic NiSCAPrint Hologram Thinfilm Overlay/Softcoat (400 Prints) - PR5302/L151

OmniCard offers a collection of innovative brands and products, like the NiSCAPrint Hologram Thinfilm Overlay. With NISCA’s new thinfilm overlay, you’re guaranteed superior security and a long-lasting product. NiscaPrint400 Lamination provides a layer of protection over your printed cards, making them more durable and providing protection from wear and fading. The holographic overlay design of our Nisca – NiscaPrint400 lamination system is embedded in the overlaminate and secures your cards by protecting them from tampering.

Secure Your I.D. with Holographic Overlay Technology

  • A printer with lamination capability is needed to use Nisca – NiscaPrint400 over 1.0 mil lamination.
  • NiSCA card printers require special laminate to function properly. For this reason, use only genuine laminate from NiSCA authorized resellers. Use of other laminates may void warranty and reduce print quality and durability.

We make IDs easy at OmniCard!

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