NiscaGenuineV2 Thinfilm Overlay - PR5302/L151

SKU: 441-0001

Generic NiscaGenuineV2 Thinfilm Overlay/Softcoat (450 Prints) - PR5302/L151

If you’re tired of ID that doesn’t get the job done long-term, our new line is for you. Genuine Nisca - NiscaGenuine2 0.5 mil holographic laminate decreases wear-and-tear on your printed cards, protects them from fading, and increases card durability by adding a layer of protection.

The Nisca - NiscaGenuine2 laminate is embedded with our Nisca's GenuineSecure V2 holographic overlay film design, which increases the security of your cards from tampering and counterfeiting attempts. Laminate is sometimes also referred to as overlaminate or overlamination.

Holographic Overlay Film Cards from OmniCard

To laminate a card with the Nisca - NiscaGenuine2 laminate, a printer with lamination capability is required. To maintain the warranty on your Nisca printer, optimize the use of your printer, and maximize the quality of your printed cards, use only genuine Nisca - NiscaGenuine2 laminate ribbons.

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