Long Cleaning Card Kit - SMART-31/50/51

SKU: 221-0019

Long Sleeve Automatic Cleaning Card Kit (10 Pcs) - SMART-31/50/51

If you want to ensure longer printer life and sharper, more pristine images and pictures, you need a long cleaning card kit. Each time a ribbon is replaced, dust and tiny debris can contaminate the internal printer parts. This leads to degraded image quality and can even damage the printhead and other parts.

Use our long cleaning card kit for the SMART 31, 50, and 51 printer series to enjoy a longer printer lifespan, improved reliability, and optimal image quality. Discover the additional benefits of regular cleaning including:

  • Automatic Printer Maintenance
  • Improved Performance
  • Prolonged Printhead Lifespan
  • Transport Rollers & Magnetic Encoder Parts

If you’ve noticed the badges and ID cards you’re printing are looking faded, damaged, or dusty, it may be time to clean out your printer. Shop this cleaning kit at OmniCard today and enjoy full service, scalable solutions for your organization today!

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