Hologram High Secure Re-Transfer Film - PR-C201

SKU: 440-0015

Holographic Re-Transfer Film. High Secure Design (410 Images) - PR-C201

Holographic Film Rolls

At OmniCard, you can find more than just ID card and loyalty card printers, you can also find every accessory, cleaning kit, and service you need all in one place. Our company aims to provide comprehensive solutions when your organization decides it needs to start printing its own cards. Learn more about our retransfer film for Nisca printers here.

Compatible Retransfer Film

If you have a PR-C201 Nisca printer, you need this specific holographic film roll for retransfer. Both printers and film are created to be compatible only with very specific brands and operating systems. With this holographic film roll you can capture up to 410 images for retransfer.

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