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RACK meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
rack sth up. rack sth up. See all phrasal verb meanings. be on the rack idiom. rack your brains idiom. rack your brain idiom. rack your brain, at rack your brains idiom. rack your brains, at rack your brain idiom.
rack Definition of rack in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
Figurative senses of the verb, deriving from the type of torture in which someone is stretched on a rack, can, however, be spelled either rack or wrack: thus racked with guilt or wracked with guilt; rack your brains or wrack your brains.
Rack Define Rack at
Slang definitions phrases for rack Expand. also rack out To sleep; nap; cop zs: I'll' rack out for awhile on the grass till I get it together 1960s Teenagers. To denigrate severely; trash: Why rack Clinton? meat rack, off-the-rack, rim-rock.
Rack torture Wikipedia.
The term rack is also used, occasionally, for a number of simpler constructions that merely facilitate corporal punishment, after which it may be named specifically, e.g, caning rack, as in a given jurisdiction it was often the custom to administer any given punishment in a specific position, for which the device with or without fitting shackling and/or padding would be chosen or specially made.
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Urban Dictionary: Rack.
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Rack Wikipedia.
Amp rack, short for amplifier rack, a piece of furniture in which amplifiers are mounted. Bicycle rack, a frame for storing bicycles when not in use. Bustle rack, a type of storage bin mounted on armored fighting vehicles. Drying rack, for hanging clothing to dry.
Rack Definition of Rack by Merriam-Webster.
Many usage guides will advise that you should use wrack for meanings such as to" utterly ruin, and rack for to" cause to suffer torture, pain, anguish, or ruin" If you follow this advice, the proper choice for what you do to your brain when thinking very hard is rack.

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