Cleaning Swab Kit - SMART-31/50/51

SKU: 221-0022

Cleaning Swab Kit (10 Pcs) - SMART-31/50/51

Printer Cleaner

Cleaning your printer regularly ensures that you always have top quality printed ID cards, loyalty cards, security cards, and more. It also increases the life of all the printer components and ensures everything is operating smoothly. Choose printer cleaners from OmniCard today, including this cleaning swab kit for IDP SMART printers in the 31, 50, and 51 series.

SMART Printer Cleaner

In the cleaning swab kit for the IDP SMART printer cleaner, you receive 10 swabs that can be used on all visible deposits from the printhead. Used in conjunction with cleaning cards and pens, you can get the most out of this tool.

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