Cleaning Roller Kit - SMART-31/50/51

SKU: 221-0021

Cleaning Roller Kit (10 Pcs) - SMART-31/50/51

SMART 50 Card Printer Cleaning

Cleaning should be a regular part of your printer maintenance routine. If you have an IDP SMART printer from the 31, 50, or 51 series, this roller cleaning kit is for you. Prolong the life of your printer and ensure amazing quality on all your new ID cards, security badges, and loyalty cards.

What’s in the Kit

The kit comes with ten rollers that can be used to pick up debris from blank cards before printing. You can guarantee clear images, graphics, and text when you regularly use these rollers prior to creating any new cards. Use these rollers for the IDP SMART 50 card printer in conjunction with swabs, pens, and cleaning cards to maintain a pristine printer.

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