Cleaning Pen Kit - SMART-31/50/51

SKU: 221-0023

Cleaning Pen Kit (10 Pcs) - SMART-31/50/51

A Pen Kit for More than Just Your SMART 50 Printer

Expanding your organization with an ID card printing department is the perfect way to ensure company security and professional looking cards. At OmniCard, we provide more than just the printers, you can also get the compatible cleaning kits, card types, and ribbons you need — all in one place. Shop our SMART 50 printer cleaning pens here to enhance the quality of your prints and extend the life of your printer.

What’s Included

The SMART 50 printer compatible cleaning pens at OmniCard work for IDP printer series 31, 50, and 51. In this kit, you get 10 pens to ensure you have enough backup for all your cleaning needs. If you do not have one of the IDP printers listed, find the right cleaning kit for your printer in our inventory now.

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