Cleaning Kit - XID Series

SKU: 231-0025

Cleaning Kit (10 Cards, 10 Swabs & 10 Wipes) - XID/ILM Series

Printer Cleaning Kit - XID Series

Shop OmniCard for the DIK10044 EDIsecure complete printer cleaning kit to ensure optimal prints and increase the life of your EDIsecure ID card printer. The printhead and other critical parts of an ID card printer can be damaged by dust, debris and other tiny particles. Tiny particles can lower the quality of your printed card images. Regularly clean your Matica printer to ensure reliable performance and durability.

Complete Cleaning Kit to Ensure Superior Performance

Matica EDIsecure DIK10044 cleaning kits include:

  • 10 alcohol cleaning cards for card roller cleaning
  • 10 cleaning tissues for general cleaning
  • 10 printhead cleaning swabs for printhead cleaning

Under ideal storage conditions, you can increase the shelf life of EDIsecure DIK10044 cleaning kits, giving them up to one year of shelf life. As an authorized EDIsecure reseller, OmniCard guarantees that our genuine EDIsecure DIK10044 complete printer cleaning kits are stored properly and are always fresh.

Shop Printer Cleaning Supplies Now

As a leading provider of custom ID card production and fulfillment services, OmniCard provides you with quality and affordable cleaning kits for complete cleaning of your card printer. Cleaning your printer is recommended every time you change the printer ribbon. Contact us to discuss your ID card printer supplies needs now.

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