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Apr 2nd 2019

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Modern companies must take advantage of every available tool to stay successful. One essential tool that benefits companies of every size are ID cards. These cards can be used for staff members as well as site visitors and vendors. In the past, badges were simple, offering basic identification information. But they have evolved to be much more useful. Thanks to advancements in workplace technology, visitor badge systems provide a variety of benefits that your company should take advantage of. If you wonder how staff IDs can help your workplace – or why you should upgrade existing systems to take advantage of the latest badge technologies – here are the most essential ways that having the right ID system can improve your business.

Peace of Mind through Improved Security

The most obvious reason to implement a visitor badge system at your workplace is for the added security benefits. Government buildings, healthcare facilities, grade schools, and universities are all utilizing ID cards for staff and other people who are coming and going. But any business that sees a large volume of people each day can benefit from using ID badges and  card readers.

Staff ID cards improve security at your facility by ensuring only authorized personnel to have access to sensitive areas. This includes any place where employee files or documents about corporate trade secrets are kept. But an effective workplace also utilizes ID badges for people who don’t necessarily work there. By having vendors and other visitors wear an ID badge, employees can recognize visitors at a glance and provide them with guidance or information as needed and even raise a red flag if someone wanders off into a “staff only” area.

Cards Offer Custom Branding Opportunities

Detailed ID badges accomplish more than a way to identify company personnel. Every business promotes its own brand. This not only includes that name of the company but also available services and their professional reputation. Thanks to advances in card printer technology, designing custom IDs for your visitor badge system is easier than ever before. Many printers come with straightforward software so people can use them even without previous experience. The ID badges made with these systems can also give a sense of “team” to all of your members – whether they are on your payroll or not.

Custom badges can include a wealth of information beyond just a company or employee name. Important things you might consider including are:

  • The fingerprints of the cardholder
  • Cardholder’s title
  • Employee, student, or customer ID number
  • Barcode
  • Corporate seal
  • Information on how to return/replace a lost card
  • Disclaimer and property information
  • Listing of cardholder responsibilities

If you have technicians or other staff members that routinely go out into the community to perform tasks, an ID card can be a simple but effective marketing tool. Since employees are likely to wear their badge as part of their uniform the entire work day, this provides instant recognition of your company and helps build connections in the community.

Customer Relationships are More Personalized

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Building business connections within the community are important to the success of every company regardless of size. A great way to accomplish that is on a personal basis with every customer you assist. Staff ID cards allow employees to proudly display their name and position in the company, which personalizes interactions with clients. When customers can put a face to the name of an employee, it allows them to more easily build relationships with your company, which puts them at ease. This is particularly useful for making frequent customers feel like they aren’t just walking dollar signs; rather, our ID cards will ensure that your customers feel that they are valued and that their needs are taken seriously.

Advanced Cards have Added Benefits

Having the right visitor badge system comes with other perks as well. Giving employees a slick ID badge or having guests wear something more than just a sticker with their name written in pen gives your company a more professional appearance. This can also instill confidence in clients and vendors so you appear to care not just about the security of your employees but everyone who enters your building.

Modern ID cards can do more than function as a name badge. With advances in barcode scanners you can encode badges with a wealth of information beyond employee basics. You can also add other relevant data and tools that help them accomplish their job – either at terminals around the building or out in the field with the aid of scanners. This is a great tool if you want to improve work mobility, especially as more industries are relying on people to accomplish tasks in the community and around the world instead of just within a traditional office setting.

Implement Your Badge System Today

In today’s corporate world, no business should be without a dedicated ID badge setup. Not only can ID cards prove to be vitally important to maintain a secure work environment, but they also bring a level of professionalism that can build customer relationships and promote your brand in ways more effective than other marketing strategies. Whether you want to update your staff and visitor badge system or build something entirely new from scratch, OmniCard has a solution. We have easy-to-use software and in-house support staff that can help you design – and implement – the best badge solutions for your company. If you want something for employees, visitors, vendors, or more, we have the answer you need.Get in touch with us today to learn more about the options we offer and ask about scheduling a free demo of our services.

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