Lost ID Cards are No Problem With Omnicard ID Card Solutions

Apr 2nd 2019

Most of us have experienced it. You walk up the stairs at work one morning, ready to start the day, only to get to the front door and realize that you forgot your employee ID card or badge at home, or, even worse, you lost it. While this is pretty common, when it comes to ID badges at the workplace, forgetting yours can cause a number of problems both for you and the employer. For instance, you may have to wait until a fellow employee arrives at the workplace to let you in.

 Your employer may also have to deal with the security issues of an unidentified employee walking around the facility. The easiest solution for employers is to help workers stop forgetting or losing their ID cards by providing customizable ID card options as well as card management solutions, but it’s easier said than done. Whether you want to streamline the identification and management of employees or improve ID security features, OmniCard is here to help.

If you’re looking to reduce or eliminate cases of lost ID cards among employees, you’ll need the full capabilities of a completely custom card. OmniCard offers complete ID Card Solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team of ID experts will consult with you to understand your needs and guide you through the best-value options available.

Here’s what we recommend:

Let Them Choose How They’ll Carry Their ID

Many companies issue employee ID badges without actually giving employee input a thought. While you think that carrying ID cards or badges in a lanyard or badge reel is a perfect and convenient way to enable employees to carry their IDs, there is no one-type-fits-all solution when choosing ID accessories. In fact, some workers think that lanyards are old-school and “silly.” Some think that ID badge strap clips get in the way when moving around.

Other workers deem badge reels as a fun way to carry around an employee ID card. In short, every employee has their own preference, so giving them the option to choose how they’ll carry their personal ID cards or badges will make it more likely that they won’t lose them. By doing so, you’re eliminating the all too familiar “I’m not carrying or wearing that thing” obstacle from the word go. Getting all employees on board when it comes to wearing or carrying their IDs is a great step towards eliminating cases of lost ID cards or employees forgetting their ID badges.

Make the Employee ID Badges Difficult to Drop

An employee can’t drop their ID card if it’s attached to the body. To this end, it’s important to invest in a number of options that will make it difficult to drop or lose employee ID cards or badges. Here are a few options to consider:

Custom Lanyards

A custom ID card lanyard is great for hanging around the neck and holds the ID card in a transparent or clasp pocket. Unless the lanyard breaks or is cut, it’s hard to lose the ID card. Custom lanyards can be designed to match business color themes or employee taste in terms of style. Having a uniform look is recommended, especially if your goal is to make employees more identifiable to customers or security personnel.

ID Card Reels

An ID card reel is a thin and retractable string that is attached to a small clip. This allows employees to clip the reel to any part of their clothing with an edge. These clips are usually strong and will keep employee ID cards secure unless they’re intentionally removed. The retractable feature means that employees can quickly show or swipe their cards or badges without wasting time. This is a great option for reducing cases of lost employee ID cards.


For the outdoors, healthcare, and other events, you don’t want your employees carrying ID accessories that may hinder their movement or activities. In such cases, you can introduce the use of standard or proximity wristbands that are a simple wearable solution that everyone loves for applications where a visual employee ID card is not needed. OmniCard offers single-use and reusable contactless wristbands for hands-free operations in different colors and sizes.

Add Identifiable Imagery to All Employee IDs

Your employees already own a number of identification cards and badges. Some of these ID cards are not used on a daily basis and may even be gotten rid off or lost, so to make sure that employee ID cards stand out from others, it’s wise to add identifiable imagery to all the cards or badges. OmniCard allows you to include quality imagery for identification.

For instance, you should include a clear employee photo in the ID to give it a quickly recognizable look from everything else. A company logo and other useful imagery like a department insignia or mark can also be added to make it even harder for employees to misplace or lose their ID cards. You want to make the most out of visual identification elements.

Put Company Information on Employee ID Cards

Despite all your best efforts, employees can still misplace their ID cards or badges. The good thing, you can still prepare yourself for this. Simply include more details like your company’s physical address, phone number, general email, and mailing address in each employee ID card. Next to these details, you can provide some instructions telling people what steps to take in case they find a lost employee ID card. Protect your employee ID badges from unnecessary loss by contacting us at OmniCard to learn more about our ID card development options.

Make Their IDs Do More Than Just Identification

Many companies have employee ID cards that they require all employees to wear or carry for identification purposes only. While company policy to always wear a badge is recommended, there’s much more you can do with employee ID cards than just identification. With recent technological advances, OmniCard can help you add more functionality to ID cards, making it more likely that employees will remember their cards:

  • Make on-site purchases at the cafeteria or snack machine
  • Open “employee access only” doors
  • Punch-in at the beginning of a work shift
  • Allow cashless debits

Get Started With OmniCard ID Card Solutions

Whether you’re looking for complete ID card solutions or ID card supplies and accessories for your company, OmniCard provides an extensive range of solutions like ribbons, cards, tags, wristbands, cleaning kits and ID accessories to meet your needs and reduce cases of lost employee ID cards or badges. Our “One Card, One Price” solution helps simplify the process of purchasing, producing, and fulfilling your company’s card requirements.

Want to learn more? Call us at  +44 (0)208 089 4980 or email us at ukinfo@omnicardsolutions.com.

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