Benefits of Photo ID Badges for Employees

Benefits of Photo ID Badges for Employees

Apr 2nd 2019

Businesses of all sizes require a lot of tools to succeed in today’s modern world. While hi-tech infrastructure and computer equipment are obvious additions, you might have overlooked a crucial tool that can help you: photo ID badges for employees. Photo ID badges aren’t just for large companies. Nor are they just important if you have sensitive facilities or areas you want to safeguard. Badges have a wide variety of applications and ways they can benefit any company. If you haven’t implemented a photo ID badge system into your operations, here are a few reasons why we think you should:

Ensure the Best Security at Your Facility

The most obvious reason why you want employees to utilize photo badges is to enhance your business’s security. As competition grows, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep facilities under tighter guard to maintain corporate secrets – as well as keep employees safe. Photo ID badges can easily be used along with  card readers to ensure only authorized personnel gain access to buildings or other vital areas of your corporate campus.

Even if your business doesn’t deal with sensitive information or equipment, photo ID badges for employees provide a huge security benefit. With badges, you can quickly distinguish between employees, customers, and vendors. This makes it easier to direct people where they need to be if they get lost and reduce issues that may impede productivity.

One of the best advantages of using a photo ID badge rather than a standard badge when it comes to security is that it individualizes the card. This makes it far more difficult to duplicate. So if your employee happens to misplace their card somewhere, you’ll have less of a chance of potential security issues popping up.

Improve Staff Accountability through Employee Tracking

It’s not just security that is benefited when you implement photo ID badges but employee accountability too. Photo badges can be encoded with magnetic strips or passcodes to allow management to better track employee movement. Employee photo ID badges can be used along with time clocks to ensure accurate hours logged for better payroll too. Or you can utilize badges with  biometric readers that can store employee information and data on the badge.

Because employees will know about this extra layer of transparency, it encourages them to stay on task, improving efficiency. Productivity can also be enhanced as ID badges help you gauge what areas employees frequent the most. This is vital data that can assist in reorganizing workstations or shifting personnel to streamline workflows and allow everyone to accomplish the best results.

Boost Employee Morale with a Sense of “Team”

Depending on the type of work your business engages in, you might not have a standard uniform for employees to wear. Photo ID badges allow employees to easily recognize each other in the hallway and be a status symbol without the outfit. While this is great for security reasons, it also allows employees to better connect and make them feel like they are on the same team. Not only will this increase individual employee confidence and make them feel like they “belong” but it can boost overall morale, which encourages employees to work better together even if they aren’t part of the same department.

Employees put hands together around a table

Build a Relationship Between Employees and Customers

Photo ID badges don’t just allow employees to recognize each other but is a simple way for customers to recognize team members too. If your company regularly deals with clients, employee photo ID badges can be a crucial part of customer service by allowing people to put a face to a name and personalize their interactions with your company. This not only allows frequent customers to build a rapport with your staff members but adds accountability in the community too, which often puts customers at ease.

Employees with a photo ID badge also look more professional. A slick ID badge gives a sense of how your company cares not just about your security, but the security of clients. This can entice customers to look into your business and services as well as improve client relations. After all, if a customer is able to get to know employees a little better, they are more likely to use your service again or recommend it to others.

Easily Generate Corporate Brand Awareness

Creating better brand awareness is another overlooked benefit of photo badges. You can easily add your company’s logo and motto to badges for instant recognition. For companies that send technicians and personnel out into the community, these badges advertise your company’s services. This is especially effective as a marketing tool as your employees are likely to wear their badge in full view for the duration of the workday.

For local businesses, photo ID badges can help build connections with other companies. Not only is this a great way to network in the community but, depending on the industry you work in, you might be able to work out discounts or perks with other local businesses. Having photo ID badges for your employees ensures team members can take advantage of these perks whenever they are out and about.

Set up Your Badge System Today

No matter what reason suits your company for implementing photo ID badges for your employees, it’s an important tool that no business should be without. Especially since badges are so easy to make with the right equipment and services. OmniCard has proven solutions like our  ID card printers that can help you easily make custom photo ID badges without the hassle. And thanks to our in-house, IT professionals, you can take advantage of all the benefits of printing ID badges without any previous experience or technical know-how.Reach out to them today for help getting set up so you can utilize photo ID badges and let your employees take advantage of all the benefits.

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