Blank 760 Micron Card PET Core - White

SKU: 300-0008

Blank 760 Micron PVC Card With 40% PET Core - White (Pack of 100)

Custom name badge labels are widely used by businesses, schools, medical facilities, and other environments where identification and security are required - from identifying employees to managing access to events and monitoring students. If you’re looking for blank White Premium Composite PET Cards that you can print as badge labels, OmniCard brings you Blank 760 Micron Cards with PET Core to meet your needs.

Easily Customizable to Meet Your Needs

Our white plastic cards are available in packs of 100 and can easily be personalized with names, department names, employee or membership numbers, or event codes. Order these cards to print using your own re-transfer printers or hot lamination printers. We also offer you custom ID card printing solutions with several options available: smart card chips, magnetic strips, and barcodes.

Find your Composite Cards

The Blank 760 Micron Cards with PET Core come in standard CR80 credit size and can be easily punched for quick and easy lanyard attachment. Order your name badge label cards at OmniCard now or call us at +44 (0)208 089 4980 if you have any questions.

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