About OmniCard

Comprehensive Solutions for ID and Card Management

OmniCard has been a trusted authority for over 20 years on photo ID systems and ID card management solutions. With innovation as a core attribute, we design and manufacture quality ID management products that provide flexible solutions for your company needs. As a leading provider of photo ID systems, we also carry a wide range of recognised products brands from ID card printers, cameras, cards, accessories and more. We carefully select the brands we carry and routinely run quality assurance testing to ensure the best products are delivered to our customers. Furthermore, we offer card production and fulfilment services to bring you a comprehensive customisable solution for your entire ID requirements.

Our expertise has been called upon for providing cost-effective solutions for applications such as student IDs, employee badges, loyalty cards to highly sophisticated encrypted access control and banking cards. Our customers include colleges and universities, civilian and defence government agencies, hospitals, international airports, and more. From simple card solutions to highly secure technology cards, we have everything you need to make the perfect card.

Why OmniCard?

  • ID Experts with Over 20 Year Experience.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions for Every Budget.
  • Innovative Manufacturer of Trusted ID Management Software.
  • Leading Provider of Recognised Photo ID System Brands.
  • Robust Quality Assurance Testing to Ensure Best Products.
  • Customisable Solutions to Fit Your ID Needs – Your Card, Your Way!
  • Complete ID Solutions from Design to Production and Fulfilment.
  • Premium Support Services and Plans.

Colleges and Universities

When a campus card needs to be perfect, our experts at OmniCard have extensive experience working with Colleges and Universities as the chosen ID card solution provider. With every step of the way, OmniCard makes it easy to design and produce the picture-perfect student campus cards. Whether you are using our innovative campus card ID management cloud software, using our print production and fulfilment services, or both, we have done it all. Securing your campus has never been easier when using our advanced campus card solutions.

Commercial and Government Agencies

Security with high technology cards are a necessity for creating a protected environment. OmniCard has been an effective resource and provider for top level secure solutions for customers that include nuclear power plants, defence departments, and a variety of government agencies. Our expertise in advising on the best solution for high level applications helps our customers make sure they get the right card to fit their needs.

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