1mil Smart Card Laminate - PR5302/L151

SKU: 441-0008

1mil Clear Laminate Patch With Smart Card Cut Out (250 Images) - PR5302/L151

1 mil Smart Card Laminate

As technology is integrated more with businesses, the everyday tools you rely on have become more advanced. Even ID badges and card readers have been upgraded to take advantage of the latest innovations, including smart chips. Chip enabled cards are used in a variety of industries to offer an extra layer of security, making it harder for counterfeiting and data theft to occur. If you want to implement this important line of defense into the badges your employee uses, OmniCard can help. This smart card laminate has 250 prints available on it. The 1 mil thickness feature adds extra durability to the card, protects it from damage, including bending and cracking, and keeps the printed data protected from dirt and rubbing, especially in smart cards when you have to insert the card into a terminal.

Laminates Suited for Chip Cards

Laminating ID badges is useful to make sure they last. With a durable laminate, cards stand up to wear from frequent use and other elements. But if you are using chip enabled badges, standard laminates won’t do the trick. OmniCard offers smart laminate solutions that give you the best of both worlds. With these laminates you can add that protective double layer onto badges of all styles, but with a cut-out designed in. So your NISCA laminator will leave that important smart chip exposed for easy reading.

Get the Most Out of Badges

Enabling your ID badges with smart chips not only ensures your system remains secure from fraud but also gives you other advantages. To get the most out of these badges, coat them with our protective smart laminate. OmniCard has been an industry leader for more than 20 years with in-house IT support, so all of your security needs are handled by a single vendor.

Discover what OmniCard can do for your security infrastructure today. Contact us to learn more, and place your order with OmniCard!

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