1mil SecureID Laminate - L201

SKU: 441-0014

1mil Clear Laminate Patch (250 Images) - L201

Modern ID badges have more uses than just listing an employee’s name. They also contain important data and can be an essential security tool. Since they play such an important part of your business, you want to make sure they continue to look – and work – great. OmniCard has the perfect solution: the 1 mil SecureID®  laminate ribbon. This patch laminate has 250 prints available on it.


Unlike other laminates that only protect cards from damage, this security laminate adds a layer of protection that makes it harder to duplicate or hack badges. This ensures your facilities stay secure and your operation is concern free, even if an employee badge is lost or stolen.


Safeguard Badges from Wear and Tear 

This SecureID®  laminate works with NISCA printers to ensure you have badges that stand up to everyday wear and tear. We understand that whether you use cards for staff, visitors, or someone else, it’s important they continue to look their best. By using a security laminate on every card it safeguards them against spills and sunlight weathering for a tool you can rely on no matter what business you are in.


The Security Tools You Need 

Whether you are a large company with thousands of employees or a start-up with a single office, your success depends on making sure you have the right equipment. OmniCard has the hardware and software solutions to help with your security infrastructure needs. We have more than 20 years of industry experience with an in-house support team that will assist you in to meet your security goals without the high cost or hassle.


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