1mil NiSCAPrint Hologram Laminate - PR3502/L151

SKU: 441-0005

1mil Generic NiSCAPrint Hologram JUMBO Laminate Patch (250 Images) - PR5302/L151

1 mil NiSCAPrint Hologram Laminate

If you want to protect ID badges from damage caused by frequent use or other elements, OmniCard has the solution. We offer a variety of laminate styles that are tough enough to withstand conditions found in any industry. By combining one of our ribbons with a laminator, you can easily add a durable layer of protection to existing ID cards without the high cost or hassle. Browse our inventory and find the right laminate for your needs today.

Upgrade Badge Security

Not only do ID badges provide a quick way to distinguish employees and visitors at a glance, but they can be a vital part of your facility’s security. When using badges for high-security applications, it’s critical they are protected from fraud and tampering. By combining ID card printers with a 1 mil holographic laminate roll, you decrease the risk of breaches when an ID is misplaced.

This laminate style has an embedded holographic feature that can’t be reproduced. It overlays the hologram on top of cards and gives them a unique look, but also ensures they can’t be easily tampered with or copied.

Discover How Our Services Can Help

The 1 mil rolls of holographic laminate we offer are but one of the useful security tools you’ll find at OmniCard. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and have provided complete security solutions for a variety of organizations. With in-house IT specialists and great pricing, all of your needs are covered from a single vendor when you shop with us.

See how our reliable solutions can improve your security infrastructure today. Give us a call if you have any questions, and put in your order with Omnicard!

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