1mil Laminate - L201

SKU: 441-0013

1mil Clear Laminate Patch (250 Images) - L201

ID badges are an important part of any business. They help with security concerns, employee identification, and can even promote services. Since you rely so much on these cards, you want them to stand up to all of the use and abuse without being damaged. OmniCard can help with tough, clear laminate solutions. The 1 mil ribbon works great with NISCA L201 laminators and   provides a durable, double sided lamination that prevents cards from wear or fading.


Keep ID Cards Looking Great 

Whether you use ID cards just for staff members or others like vendors and visitors, you need reliable cards, ready for use day in and day out. Over time, cards can be damaged by frequent use, spills, and sunlight weathering. But with the right laminate, they can continue to look and work great for a long time to come.


No matter what your business uses ID cards for, they can benefit from the tough protection offered by clear laminate.


Let Our Experience Help 

Whether you are updating the ID system for your company or want to add a new layer of identification, it helps to have a partner with experience backing you up. OmniCard has provided proven ID hardware and software solutions to a variety of groups around the world for more than 20 years. We have the inventory and in-house support teams needed to get the job done without the high cost or hassle.


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