1mil Alt Full/Smart Laminate - PR5302/L151

SKU: 441-0012

1mil Alternating Full Patch & Smart Card Cut Out Patch (125 Images) - PR5302/L151

1 mil Alt Full/Smart Laminate - PR5302/L151

By laminating your ID badges and cards, you can protect them from the daily wear and tear. Laminates also increase the lifespan of badges by decreasing fading from sunlight and other elements. But if your badges are smart chip enabled, standard lamination won’t do. If you need specialized lamination rolls, rely on OmniCard. We offer durable smart laminates that keep your badges looking great without causing functionality issues with card readers that require access to those embedded chips.

Improve the Security of Badges

Including a smart chip with ID badges gives them an extra layer of security. This not only keeps your system more secure, but prevents tampering and other forms of fraud from being done with your badges. Take that security up a notch with our smart laminate options. They give your cards that protective double layer and feature a cut-out design so the smart chip is easily accessible no matter what applications you use badges for.

Get the Most from Your System

Get the most out of your smart chip enabled badges and more with help from OmniCard. For more than 20 years, we’ve been the go-to source for the latest hardware and software solutions in the security industry. We’ve assisted companies all over the world to meet their infrastructure needs without the hassle or high price thanks to our in-house IT support experts.

See how you can cover all of your security needs from a single vendor by relying on OmniCard. Reach out to us and place your order today!

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