1mil Alt Full/Mag Laminate - PR5302/L151

SKU: 441-0011

1mil Alternating Full Patch & Mag Stripe Cut Out Patch (125 Images) - PR5302/L151

1 mil Alt Full/Mag Laminate - PR5302/L151

No matter what business you’re in, it’s important to get the most from every tool. That includes ID badges used by employees and site visitors. More than just identification, badges play a vital role in security and can be used to access secure areas of your campus. Laminating these cards is important to making sure they continue to look great. But what if you use them in conjunction with card readers? OmniCard has the answer.

Our inventory includes laminate options perfect for badges that include a magnetic stripe. With this laminate you’ll add a durable layer of protection to your entire card minus the stripe, thus preserving its functionality to make sure cards remain reliable.

Protect Badges from Everyday Wear

Adding lamination onto badges is the ultimate form of protection for these important tools. Laminates allow badges to stand up to everyday wear and tear that come with frequent use. It also protects badges from fading caused by the elements, making sure your cards keep their professional look.

With this laminate, you’ll provide that same level of protection but ensure there is nothing obstructing the magnetic stripe. Whether you use badges strictly for security, for transactions, or other uses, they will continue to work great time and again with this protective coating.

Experience the OmniCard Difference

OmniCard has great security solutions for every industry. In the past 20 plus years we’ve been an industry leader with the best hardware, software, and IT support. We cover all of your security needs in one convenient place, no matter how extensive your demands are.

Contact us today to discover how our services can help.

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