1mil Alt Full/Hologram Laminate - PR5302/L151

SKU: 441-0010

1mil Alternating Full Patch & Generic SecureID Hologram Patch (125 Images) - PR5302/L151

1 mil Alt Full/Hologram Laminate

Whether you make ID badges in-house or get them from a vendor, it’s important they have a professional look. Maintaining that look can be tricky as frequent use causes wear and fading. But not with a durable laminate coating.

OmniCard offers premium laminate ribbons in 1 mil thickness that work great with a variety of ID card printers. These laminates can take your ID badges to the next level regardless of what industry you are in. And since we have options including those suited for magnetic stripe, smart chip, and hologram lamination, all of your needs are covered in one convenient place.

Badge Protection without the Security Risks

When it comes to ID badges there are more concerns than just making sure they don’t wear out. Protecting those badges from tampering and other fraud is a serious issue for many companies. Using hologram lamination on your badges provides a great extra layer of protection without any hassle. Options we offer have the hologram embedded into the laminate for a finish that can’t be reproduced.

Cover Your Needs from One Vendor

If you are looking for ways to improve security in your company then OmniCard has the answer. Our extensive inventory of hardware and software solutions – backed by experienced IT support staff – has made us an industry leader for more than 20 years. Whatever your company’s security needs, we can cover them at a great price.

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