125Khz Read Only Prox Card - White

SKU: 300-0032

125Khz Read Only Prox PVC Card - White (Pack of 100)

Digital cards play a key security role in a variety of agencies. If you need a prox card you can rely on, OmniCard can help. Our 125Khz read only format cards are compact and extremely convenient for your employees. They have antennas and other safety features built in, for a discreet way to ensure only authorized personnel have access to sensitive and areas of your facility.

Durable Cards for Custom Applications

Not only do our prox cards offer a convenient way to ensure security on your campus, but they are extremely reliable too. Our cards are strong, flexible, and resistant to breaking. They stand up to frequent use and wear without impairing functionality, even if they get wet.

Cards are sold blank and solid white. They can easily be paired with photo ID card printers so you can add company or employee information as needed. Available at an affordable price, these cards make it easy to stock up and use for any application your system requires.

Take Advantage of the Latest Innovations

For more than 20 years, OmniCard has provided industry leading hardware and software to satisfy the security needs of organizations around the world. Our straightforward approach and in-house IT support staff make it easy for companies to use the latest security innovations without additional vendors or expertise. We can create a custom solution for your business to meet any need or budget.

Browse our inventory to find the right pieces for your security needs. If you have questions or need help placing your order, reach out to us today.

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